7 Steps to Installing Your DomeShelter™ Solution


  1. Position Container: 
    Put containers into place ensuring they are square and have suitable ballast

  2. Unpack Shelter:
    layout hoops and apply protective tape

  3. Install Frame:
    Lift Mounting Rail’s into place & attach eye nuts, D-shackles and turnbuckles on each end of the mounting rail. Then lift hoops into place and attach along with purlins and bracing. 

  4. Prepare Tarp:
    Unroll tarp and insert tension rails and then attach pull ropes to tension rail

  5. Pull Over Tarp:
    Ensuring that it is kept square with the framework and that it is protected from any protruding elements 

  6. Prepare & Insert End Cable Tensioning:
    Feed wire cable through poly cable liner then insert the Poly Cable Liner through the pocket on either end. 

  7. Secure Tarp Tie-Downs
    Pull wire rope through turnbuckle and tighten with rope grips.Tighten end-to-end first until it sits square and firm then tighten all ratchets evenly then finally slide aluminium track through rope edge on side of tarp and then tekscrews to container.

  8. The following video showcases the main elements of setting up your DomeShelter™ Solution