temporay shelter solution selector The Challenge

Coates Hire required a small shelter solution on-site at the Elizabeth Quay Project for storing of hire equipment. The challenge being, one container at 2.9m high and the other at 2.6m high. Coates Hire also needed custom signage for the front endwall.

Our Approach

DomeShelter Australia’s in-house capabilities allowed it to design and manufacture a solution perfectly suit the situation with a custom ‘Riser Rail’ to level out the different container heights and also a ‘first-of-its-kind’ custom printed sign.

The Customers Benefits

Coates Hire now has a reusable onsite storage solution where all equipment can be protected from the harsh elements during non-usage periods and maintenance duties. It also made sense for Coates Hire to invest in some signage to market their brand in the CBD of Perth.