Why Choose A Fabric Structure?

Easy to install, dismantle and relocate.
DomeSheltersTM are very easy to install as they have very simple and straight-forward structural connections. Due to the speed and ease of installation, substantial time and money can be saved on site. All shelters come kit packed on a re-usable steel cradle making it easy to transport.

Less Radiant Heat.
The DomeShelterTM covers are made in a UV block-out fabric that reflects the suns rays and therefore absorbs less heat than conventional sheds. Other fabric options are available that let in more light, yet also let in a little more radiant heat, but it is still substantially less than conventional sheds.

Better Atmosphere.
The frameworks clear span and the soft subtle light that transfers through the fabric gives the feeling of being in a clean and open area.

Noise Control
The DomeShelterTM fabric softens any harsh noises and the dome shape of the shelter reduces echoes which helps significantly when keeping noise levels under control.

Lower environmental impact
All DomeShelterTM structures are environmentally friendly. 95% of the materials in our shelters have the ability to be recycled including the cover and framework.