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Fabric Structures in aviation

Fabric Structures are fast becoming a shelter of choice by Aviation Contractors for light aircraft and helicopters, particularly on remote sites.

Also known as Container Mounted DomeShelter™ or Shipping Container Shed, these innovative shelter solutions are simply an arched roof structure attached on both sides to standard sea containers which act as walls or mounting.

Fabric Structure Advantages

Some of the key benefits that make the Fabric Structure most suitable for this application include:

  1. Span Free Roof Space – the structural nature of the arched roof enables a wide span of up to 30 metres or more and as long as required, which enables helicopters and light aircraft to be stored underneath with ease.
  2. Sea Containers can be stacked up to three high to provide the required height
  3. The Containers also provide secure storage areas and even passenger amenity rooms for waiting areas

Plane under container mounted DomeShelter


Replacement for Steel Sheds

These modern Fabric Structures are fast replacing the traditional steel shed, where the contractor has a time limited contract for flight services and the cost of transporting and erecting steel shed is prohibitive.

Shipping Containers sheds are manufactured off-site and transported to site in kit form for installation. Installers, following instructions provided can have the Structure fully installed from as little as a few hours to a few days depending on size and complexity.

The alternative steel shed is heavy and bulky to transport and requires skilled installation teams to erect. On completion of the contract, the Fabric Structure can be dismantled and stored in kit form for next use or relocated across or off-site as work needs change. Steel sheds by comparison are much harder to dismantle, store and transport off site.

A Container Mounted DomeShelter™ using sea containers requires less ground disturbance than steel sheds and can be engineered to withstand cyclonic winds of the highest rating.

As a result, Fabric Structures are increasingly seen on remote sites for a wide range of applications such as aviation shelters.

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