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Fabric Structures as alternatives to steel buildings

Imagine in this modern era, building a wooden barn with thatched roof as a workshop on a mine-site. Hardly likely, and maybe there will come a time when this sentence reads steel shed instead of wooden barn. Corrugated steel sheds have been around for nearly two centuries and have stood the test of time. However as with all things in this modern era, disruptive technology is making its mark. So, shed or shelter? Fabric Structures as alternatives to steel buildings – what’s it to be?

Fabric Structures

With the increasing sophistication of fabric technology, Fabric Structures are increasingly being used as alternatives to steel buildings on mining and industrial sites. As a result some of the worlds leading mining and industrial companies are big users.


Fabric Structures offer significant advantages where the shelter is to be installed for short to medium term contract duration, on land not owned by the shelter owner, and is required to be installed or relocated quickly.

Total Cost of Ownership

So, a mining services contractor wins a 10 year contract with a mining company.  They need to establish workshop or warehouse infrastructure on the remote site quickly to start the contract. Total cost of ownership is an important consideration as is value for money in the initial purchase.

They contact DomeShelter Australia.  By ordering a standard size DomeShelter™ Structure that has been pre-fabricated, it can be ready to ship to site sometimes within just days of order. The whole structure is packed in kit form with everything required for installation. Off it goes to site, within Australia on a flat bed truck, international, packed into a standard sea container for the journey to the mine site. Its clean, neat and efficient.

Once on-site, the task of installation can take form as little as a few hours to a few days, depending on the size and complexity. More often than not, clients own teams with no previous experience can follow instructions provided to install the shelter. Or some clients require extra support and pay for a specialist DomeShelter™ installation team to do the job.

DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures look good, they perform well. They are durable and fit for purpose for a wide range of uses. These include small and large equipment workshops, warehouses, materials storage, staff amenities, small aircraft hangars. Even agricultural applications such as hay storage, animal husbandry and workshops.

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