Fabric Shelter Importing Guide

Importing DomeShelter™ Shelter from Australia

DomeShelter™ Australia has been designing and manufacturing Fabric Shelter systems for over 20 years and have successfully exported to 22 countries in that time.

We have a reputation for innovative engineering, offering versatile, durable and dependable Shelter solutions to meet the needs of the industrial and mining sectors. Our Shelter Systems can be engineered to the highest Cyclone Wind Code D Rating (up to 316 kph) and are backed by up to a 10 year warranty no matter where your are in the world.

Shelters are fabricated in our Western Australian workshops, and for international deliveries packed in kit form into a shipping container with everything required for easy installation once on site. They are shipped from the Port Of Fremantle. The steel framework, fabric roof and all nuts, bolts and brackets are included. Clients on-site teams or their external contractors usually do installation once provided with comprehensive install instructions written specifically for their shelter.

If required, we can make available skilled installation supervisors to travel to site to the assist on-site team. Telephone or email support is provided free of charge.


"Went together easy and quickly with limited resources in the bush by myself and a few team members. Much appreciated for all your help. I know where to go to purchase my next dome."


"It's reassuring to deal with a company that understands and is prepared to go the extra mile. My sincere thanks to you and your team."

Barloworld Angola Luanda Facility Park


The following 2 minute video demonstrates installation of a DomeShelter™ Structure.

Installation Video

Why DomeShelterTM Solution

DomeShelter™ Australia's Fabric Shelter Systems provide high quality solutions for mining and industrial sites requiring short to medium term shelters in many cases on clients land.

Reasons to buy include:

  • Faster: Substantial time savings for Design, Engineering Approval and Installation
  • Transportable: transported to site in kit form with ease
  • Installation: quick and easy by on-site teams
  • Relocatable: across site or off-site quickly and easily
  • Brighter: Often no need for artificial lighting
  • Cooler: Up to 20% cooler than a conventional steel sheds
  • Quieter: Fabric absorbs sound waves
  • Cyclone rated: DomeShelter™ Australia's shelters can be engineered to withstand up to Wind Code Category D cyclones (up to 316kph) if required.
  • Australian quality designed and engineered

In summary, faster design to installation process, ease of installation, durability, and transportability are the key reasons our clients enjoy DomeShelter™ Fabric Shelters. Our Shelters are particularly suited to temporary or semi-permanent installations, although 15 years or more with 8-10 relocations around site is not unheard of. It is no wonder that the world's largest mining and industrial companies trust DomeShelter™ Australia to deliver Shelter Solutions to their sites.

The use of Sea Containers

Your DomeShelter™ Structure has a number of alternative sub-structure (wall) options including steel posts, sea containers, (or combination of these), or concrete barriers.

The benefit of sea containers

  • They are standard size anywhere in the world
  • Can be stacked up to three high for height and end to end for length
  • They offer a range of securing options, including soil ballast which alleviates the need for footings
  • They make excellent workshop, office or secure storage areas associated with the DomeShelter™ Structure
  • They are generally easily available at low cost and saleable when no longer useful 

DomeShelter™ Fabric

DomeShelter™ Australia use a very high quality fabric on all shelters that is proven tough and durable. It is also proven to withstand the harsh UV of the Australian outback sun over many years. We are so confident in the toughness of the fabric, we put it through its paces with this DURABILITY test.


Each country has different documentation requirements and different tariff, import duties, taxies & other levies. Many countries enjoy reduced or zero tarrifs through trading agreements with Australia. DomeShelter™ Australia's freight agent in Australia can help manage all the export requirements to ensure your Shelter arrives safely at destination port.


DomeShelter™ Australia's experienced consultants are specialists in interpreting your requirements to design Shelters to meet your needs. They will ask you the intended use of the Shelter, the location, estimated or exact dimensions and many more questions to ascertain the required specifications. You will then receive design drawings and a quotation. The significantly reduced time-frame for design, manufacturing, shipping and on-site installation is a key reason many mining and industrial clients choose DomeShelter™ Australia.


Depending on your needs, we can have a standard Shelter available to ship within a week of order or up to 3-4 weeks for more complex custom made Shelters. Our DIFOT (delivered in full on time) record is 95%, and we supply an accurate delivery schedule at time of order.


DomeShelter™ Australia has 20 years experience exporting Shelters to over 20 countries. To start a conversation about your needs, or to seek answers to questions you may have, contact a DomeShelter™ Consultant.

Freecall; 1800 653 315
International; +61 9690 1100
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