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Within DomeShelter Australia there is a design philosophy of continuous improvement for both internal and external users. It’s in our DNA to find the ultimate balance of all critical design elements. We refer to it as DomeShelter™ Logic and it informs the design, manufacturing and sales processes and ensures the team is continually aware of clients needs.

It goes like this


The Fabric Structure delivered to the client, whether it be standard or customised will be fit-for-purpose. There are a wide range of things that are thoroughly considered in the design stage to achieve fit-for-purpose, starting with the size of the structure (width, height and length), the mounting options utilised, extras/add-ons such as walls and doors, and the wind and shade aspects related to location and final placement.

Cost Effectiveness

Of course it has to be a cost-effective shelter solution for both the client and DomeShelter Australia. We work in a competitive market and our shelters compete with alternative shelter solutions such as steel buildings. So, we look for ways to maintain and improve high quality in a cost-effective way.


This is an internal design aspect – it refers to our focus to make the Fabric Shelter in the most efficient way possible. We search for new and more efficient value-added fabrication and logistics processes so the value can be passed onto the client.

Ease of installation and portability

The DomeShelter™ Structure is renowned for its ease of installation and then relocation across or off-site. That’s no accident, it is a result of continually challenging and improving design detailing. We seek feedback at the installation stage and use it to inform continuous improvement.

Engineering Efficiencies

Being smart in evaluating relevant engineering criteria, managing risk and efficient use of all design elements. Steel members, fabric tarpaulins and quality componentry are married together to create the most efficient and effective design.


A DomeShelter™ Fabric Structure looks good, stands out on site and draws attention. The design team are continually looking for balance, proportional aesthetics, simple and smart detailing, cleaner, finer lines, so the end result is something we and our clients are proud of.

To discover how our logic can be applied to your Fabric Shelter solution, talk to a DomeShelter™ Consultant.

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