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Bulk raw materials storage

If you’re looking for a warehousing or bulk storage solution for your workplace, you may be wondering what options are available. Steel sheds are the most common and popular choice, but there are alternatives out there that prove beneficial in areas where steel sheds lack.  

Fabric Structures are a modern alternative, providing clean and dry weatherproof storage solutions that are quick to install and can be relocated at any time. They are quickly becoming the first choice for transport, mineral processing and stockpiling. This article explains why Fabric Structures could be the perfect choice for your bulk storage needs. 

Steel Sheds – The Issues  

Steel sheds are the traditional choice for warehousing and other storage purposes. While structures made from lightweight corrugated iron have been popular for decades and have stood the test of time relatively well, there are areas where they lack. 

Steel sheds can be dark, hot in summer months, with poor ventilation and vulnerability to the elements depending on their construction.  In recent decades, a new disruptor has emerged that solves these issues: Fabric Shelters, the lightweight, economical Storage Solution. 

Fabric Structures – The New Bulk Storage Solution 

Bulk raw materials storage

DomeShelter Australia bulk raw materials storage concept drawing

Fabric Shelters consist of semi-circular curved steelwork, secured at either end to steel posts or sea containers, covered with durable Polyethylene Fabric. The whole structure is fabricated off-site, packed down into kit form and transported to location to be installed. 

There are three distinct types of Fabric Structures, defined by the substructures onto which the fabric-covered arch is mounted: 

Economical & Lightweight 

Fabric Building Warehouse Agricultural Storage

Bulk Agricultural Storage concept drawing

While steel buildings still have wide appeal, they are regarded as long-term, permanent installations, while Fabric Structures are non-permanent and portable. Because of this, they have become increasingly popular on worksites where contractors need to be agile in getting a shelter installed quickly, most often on land they don’t own, with a fixed term to completion of their contract. 

Fabric Structures are cost-effective, saving overall due to their speed and ease of installation. They also have significant ergonomic benefits when compared to traditional steel structures. The translucent roof fabric means the inside of the structure is evenly lit throughout the day, saving energy costs while also creating a pleasant and bright workplace environment.  

The Fabric Membrane also protects from all elements; it keeps the weather out on windy and/or rainy days, with a waterproof design and engineering to suit up to Australian Wind Region D wind speeds. The fabric blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays on sunny days, and the interior is cooler during summer, protecting people and assets from the harsh sun. 

Customisable, Clear Span Storage Space 

Warehouse fabric building clear span

DomeShelter Australia warehousing concept drawing

Along with their cost saving and comfort benefits, Fabric Structures are the stand-out choice for storage and warehousing purposes. Size is virtually unlimited for Fabric Structures, and their unique tensile design means internal support poles aren’t required. This makes them the better warehouse solution for several reasons, including: 

  • A clear span for unobstructed work 
  • More space for shelving and other necessary internal infrastructure 
  • Ease of movement when loading and unloading vehicles 

CSBP: Bulk Storage Case Study 

CSBP warehousing

DomeShelter Australia’s durable, fully engineered Fabric Structures have proven to succeed as storage facilities in the past, such as at CSBP’s Kwinana manufacturing plant in Western Australia. Eleven DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures were installed on-site, each of them 23m wide by 24.4m long, providing in total over 6000m2 of storage space. Despite the considerable number of shelters, choosing Fabric Shelters over a traditional steel shed alternative saved them a significant amount of money and time. 

CSBP manufacture chemicals and fertilisers, so it was critical that their stored product be properly protected from the elements. DomeShelter Australia’s Structures are Engineered to Protect™ and are built to withstand strong winds and rain and protect from dust and UV, regardless of their size or location. 

DomeShelter Australia 

DomeShelter Australia has been providing leading clients in a range of industries – including mining, civil and agricultural – with durable and trustworthy Shelter Solutions for over 25 years. Backed by DomeShelter™ Logic, our proven design methodology, up to 10 year structural warranty, and 20 year UV warranty, you can trust that any DomeShelter™ Structure is built to last using only the best Australian materials and is Engineered to Protect. 

If you would like more information about how a DomeShelter™ Structure could solve your bulk storage needs, call our friendly sales team direct on 1300 193 188 or visit Contact Us to send an enquiry today.

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