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Container Shed

Many industries in Australia are realising the countless advantages of a container shed. The fabric shelter system provides secure shelter for on-site offices, storage and staff at a fraction of the cost of constructing a traditional steel building. Another reason that sets the shed system apart from others is the robustness of the material used. Its frame is fabricated from high-strength galvanised steel and the fabric covering is best quality tear-stop and durable in the harshest conditions. Finally, the dome is designed for easy installation, generally by clients own teams and disassembly so it can be moved to suit changing work-site needs.

By knowing some basic information about container shed structures, you can make informed decisions on selecting the right type.

Delivery Method and Building Permits

One thing to consider is how it will be shipped to your workplace. All fabric container sheds are fabricated off-site and packed in kit form to be delivered to site. Transport to overseas location is the same; in kit form and installation is undertaken easily and quickly by on-site teams.

Total Storage Capacity

To make sure you estimate enough storage or workshop space before ordering the container shed dome, check the quantity and size of equipment requiring shelter, estimate the quantity of material to be protected or identify the amount of work space required by staff. To improve storage space and organisation, you might want to consider using shelving systems. Consult with a container shed manufacturer to identify other ways to maximise storage capacity.

Container Foundation

A container shed requires sturdy foundations to be durable and stable. There are a wide range of securing options to ensure the structure is protected from the winds typically associated with the region it is to be located in. By adhering to the correct engineering standards and using the best securing option, container sheds can be built to withstand winds up to 316 k/hr.

Adding Extras

Container sheds come with many add-on features. If you have equipment that needs to be protected from the elements, the sheds can be built with fully enclosed end walls. Into these end walls can be built personal access doors or large equipment access. Other add-ons include modular flooring systems, lighting, gutters and downpipes. Selecting the right accessories enables you to get the most out of your shelter.

Use Container Mounted Shelters

Looking for the right container shed for your workplace? Domeshelter Australia offers the Container Mounted Domeshelter™. The CMDS is a low-maintenance, relocatable shed that is suitable for many industries. It has a robust steel frame that can be twistlocked, bolted or welded on top of ISO Sea Containers. Our shelters are designed to withstand the tough weather conditions in Australia and are exported to 22 countries. Call 08 9690 1100 to enquire about the CMDS now.

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